Blender’s Boolean Modifier Has Been Updated: Here Is What’s New

With Blender 2.78 the Boolean Modifier has gone through some updates. Most significantly, you can choose between Mesh or Carve for operations. Even though technically, they both use the Carve library for calculations, there are some differences between the two options. What are those differences?

Blender Diplom’s Frederik Steinmetz answers that question, with a look at all the changes to the boolean moodier. Have you ever wondered why the boolean modifier does not respect materials of the boolean mesh? Frederik also has a look at describing what happens to materials when a Boolean is performed on a mesh. He specifically looks at how you can preserve materials and UV work when using either Mesh or Carve options.

Blender also has some interesting add-on’s for a cleaner boolean workflow, especially when hard surface modeling.

Carve is an open source constructive solid geometry library that is meant to be a fast method for performing boolean operations between two meshes. Carve supports a variety of inputs and is used in quite a few 3D applications, including Autodesk Maya.