Helpful Tips for Creating Smart Bones Dials in Anime Studio

Anime Studio’s (Moho) creative environment benefits from bones, joints and bone hierarchies. Taking that a step further, Smart Bones in Moho allow the user to create pre-set actions for how the bones will move.

helpful tips for creating smart bone dials in Anime Studio Pro

When working with characters, that makes sense. Simple bone binds can leave deformations looking weird, or not how you would like.

You need to be able to “sculpt” the pose for the deformations, and Smart Bones is the solution for that.

Being that Smart Bones can have a pre-set action to them, they also are ideal for more than just character joint rotations. Smart Bones can be used to create an intricate system of character controls within Moho.

Mitch, shows offers up some helpful tips in that regard, showing how to best create smart bone dials in anime studio.

If you want to see some great examples of the smart bone dial setups, look no farther than Animation Director Mike Roberts’ examples:

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