How To Add Points After an Action in Moho

We have all been there. You animated something and then realized that you might want to have some more points in the shape. Thing is, with animation keyframes already there for that shape, it’s always going to be surprise what you will get in the end.

This is true for creating actions in Moho (Anime Studio). If you have already created an action, lets say for a head turn, and then you realize it would work out much better if you had some extra points to work with.

Adding points at this stage will essentially “break” the animation. The new points do not do the action. When you think about that, it makes perfect sense. The new points were create after the action was made, so they are not aware that they have to move at all.

All is not lost though. Here, Moho user and Youtuber Mitch, shows a way that you can get the new points to behave. It’s really simple, too. It is just a matter of adding the points to  the main timeline, not the action itself.