A Blend Deformer in MASH Can Easily Create a Boiling Mesh Effect

Ever thought to create a boil effect in Maya with the Blend Deformer? Yeah, me neither.  The “Boiling Mesh”, or “GeoBoil” effect has been making the way from application to application as a bit of a challenge to recreate.

use the MASH Blend deformer along with the Jiggle Deformer to create a boiling mesh effect

One time, Digital Artist Simon Fiedler, showed how to generate bubbles on the surface of any object, and make that into a useful Houdini asset. Soon after, C4D Artist Florian Thamer showed how to recreate that effect within Cinema 4D.

While making new tutorials for Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit, MASH, Ian Waters adds to the list of demonstrations that show how to create a boiling effect on geometry. Here, Ian uses the Blend Deformer.

The Blend Deformer in Maya MASH can blend between two different versions of the same mesh, much like a BlendShape. The difference is that the Blend Deformer can interact with falloff objects that we are so familiar with in the motion graphics toolkit. This is the key to creating the boiling mesh effect. Ian uses particles to drive the deformer, rather than leaving that up to the falloff widget. Add a Jiggle Deformer for some secondary motion, and you are all set.