Find Out What’s New in Moho Pro 12

Smith Micro offers a look into some of the features that are in Moho Pro 12 (formerly known as Anime Studio), releasing soon. Moho is meant to be a complete animation solution built for animators.

Interface changes

New UI, and color. Most is the new library which has been rewritten from the ground up and no longer relies on a web based system. The layers panel has also received an upgrade. A new column based system allows for easy viewing and organization within the document. Layers can have a color, tags and comments, as well as manage timeline visibility.

Bezier and File Exchange Support

Moho Pro 12 adds bezier support, working similar to other vector applications, so it should all feel familiar. In addition, you can now interchange vector artwork between Moho and other vector apps. Import vector drawings, make changes and then even export it back. It’s pretty much universal, keeping all your line, curves and points in tact.

New Switch Selection Window

The switch selection window was designed as a quick way t switch out layers and record that switch in the timeline. You can quickly change between poses using a slider and apply keyframes without having to touch the layers panel at all. That should prove to be a time saver.

Smart Warp

Smart Warp in Moho pro 12 allows you to manipulate images through a mesh. This can give you some extra control over your assets. Setting keys for any point on the mesh will allow you a ton of flexibility when creating animation.

Bones and Rigs

A great addition to Moho 12 is that rigs with similar bone structures can now share actions. Importing and exporting actions lets you bring them into other documents and apply them to different characters. This will be a great way to create a library of actions that can be used on any production.

A new Auto Freeze Keys setting lets you key every single bone, every single time. This can prevent parts of the rig from “wandering” when doing pose to pose animation.

New Pin Bones are basically 1-point bones that allow you to quickly shape or animate an asset, similar to the puppet pin tools in After Effects and Photoshop.

Bones themselves see a new setting that will let you ignore inverse kinematics which can fix some binding issues. Bones also have more colors to choose from in Moho 12.

Smart Actions can now be named automatically. There are also new bone constraints in Moho 12 and a lot of other enhancements and tweaks that will make animation easier.

Better Motion Blur

Motion Blur gets an overhaul in the latest Moho, looking much more natural and cinematic.

Moho Pro 12 Launch

If you want to find out more about Moho, you can join in on a launch webinar Friday August 12, 1016, that will offer an inside look into everything new.