What’s New With Moho Animation Software

Víctor Paredes covers all the new features in Moho 13.5.2, including the fantastic mesh warp and smart warp layers.

It feels like Lost Marble’s Moho just got the great new features of quad meshes, wind dynamics, and Vitruvian bones. With the latest release, it expands on some of those animation concepts.

Check out some of the new features in Moho 13.5.2 presented by Product Manager Víctor Paredes. Víctor will show the exciting new features and improvements coming with this free update for Moho 13.5 owners. 

Paredes shows how to use mesh warp and smart wap layers in Moho to get the job done quickly. Moho 13.5 lets you animate artwork using Quad Meshes. “Animate your artwork in true perspective by simply attaching a four points shape to it. “Bringing your bitmap illustrations, pictures, and vector drawings to life has never been easier! Quad meshes open an entire world of possibilities.”