Have a Look at Some of the New C4D R18 Features in Action

C4D R18 has been out a while now. Reading a list of features off a site can be informative, but what does it all really mean for how you will work? Sometimes watching a few concise videos can spark your imagination to produce wonderful things.

With the last release of C4D R18, there are some really great enhancements and additions to a lot of areas in the app. These range from modeling to viewport, to object tracking and content browser updates.

Here, Motion Graphics Artist Dimitris Katsafouros shows off some of those features with some practical examples. Dimitris doesn’t cover absolutely everything, but he does walk through the new Voronoi tools, new effectors, some viewport changes and the new shaders that are available in R18.

More On C4D R18 Features

Pixeltrain published a look (in German) showing off the new substance designer integration with some practical walkthroughs.

Cineversity published a highlights reel for C4D R18 features

And Rob Redman had a look at the Voronoi fracturing tool for VFX work using dyanmics.