Obsessive Layers Update Adds a New Way to Trim in Ae

A while back, The Drawing Room released an After Effects script that allows you to easily clean up your layers, but trimming them — Obsessive layers.

Trimmed layers in After Effects don’t only look much cleaner at a glance, but it also has a pragmatic side to it. Even though a layer may have nothing on it, technically, it still gets calculated at render time. So you can see why it is important to keep a clean house.

Obsessive Layers made it east to trim a layer by it’s keyframes, saving you the time it takes to move the time marker, and hit the trim hot key for each layer.

Obsessive Layers 2

With version 2.0, the script adds a new way to trim. You can now trim by markers, and not just keyframes.

The latest version also adds a more specific criterion for trimming parent/children layer relationships. This means that you can now trim to immediate parents, or a level up the chain to grandparents.

Better, Flexible UI

Obsessive Layers 2 adds a new graphic UI. This can replace the more real estate expensive text buttons.

The UI is also more customizable. Version 2 allows you to choose which buttons you want to display. As an example, if you know you will never use “trim to children” for example, you can remove that button, or any others.

If you purchased Obsessive Layers before, you will will qualify for a free upgrade. If you never have bought it before, there is a 25% sale for new users for the next two weeks.