New Version of PaintBrush C4D Will Add UDIM Workflows

PaintBrush C4D is up for an update to version 1.1, and with it, will bring UDIM workflows, UV editing, Texture Remapping features, and Global Layers. GameLogicDesign, an Auckland-based C4D Plugin developer is prepping a new version of the Cinema 4D projection painting brush that is built on top of C4D’s sculpting toolset.

If you are unfamiliar with PaintBrush C4D, it allows you to paint directly in C4D’s OpenGL Viewport, borrowing all the features of the sculpting system so that you can paint directly onto the material and selected layers in BodyPaint.

Each paint stroke is projected onto the surface of a 3D object, with the paint being applied to the current selected layer in BodyPaint. PaintBrush C4D lets you apply stencils and stamps, and lets you make use of the symmetrical features of the sculpting environment.

Visit GameLogicDesign to learn more about the PaintBrush plugin for Cinema 4D.