A Practical Guide to Normal Baking in 3D

Check out Alex Sheludchenko's guide for concepts to bake normals

It is always interesting to see how professionals work. I could probably do it all day and still be fascinated. Surgeon’s will sometimes have a gallery where interested onlookers can watch on. As artists, we have Twitch, or videos like the one offered here, by Alex Sheludchenko, showing his normal baking workflow.

Alex covers his approach for normal baking, giving a condensed overview of the required principles involved. The practical guide to baking normals is meant as a software-agnostic dive into the concepts that can be used in your every-day workflows, no matter what applications you use.

Alex demonstrates the process on a few meshes, attempting to make the normal baking process as real-world as possible.

If you like this tutorial from Alex Sheludchenko, it is worth mentioning that Alex has a Patreon where he will be creating video game art while breaking down the entire pipeline from concept sketch to a finished in-game asset.