Free C4D Script Hides Unselected Deformers, Effectors and Forces

Free C4D Script Hides Unselected Deformers

You may remember Lasse Clausen’s Dynamic Color Palette tool for Cinema 4D. Recently, he has posted another free and simple tool that will allow you to hide all unselected deformers, effectors and forces in a scene at the click of a button.

The script, which was initially created for a friend, who came across an issue where it was hard to see though the clutter of a scene. This can be especially true if you have a lot of effectors, dynamic forces, and deformers, all coming together to make your animation come to life.

With the Hide All Unselected script, you can instantly remove the clutter when you want to, and get everything back by a CTRL+Click to set them all TO Default again. Simple, but helpful! Visit the lab on Lasse’s page to get a copy.