Creating a Realistic Anisotropic Shader in Arnold

Lighting TD Arvid Schneider walks us through creating realistic metal with The Arnold Renderer, using the Captain America shield as the example, recreating the metal look with a realistic anisotropic shader.

how to setup a realistic Anisotropic shader with alShader

Arvid has been slowly covering all of the production-level concepts that you will need to know when using Arnold for Rendering. Previously he dived into skin, car paint, and other material basics.

the interesting part with this tutorial, is that the entire shield (minus the star) is created procedurally. Anisotropic shaders work differently in various renderers, but here, Arvid shows the way that he approaches it. There are a few other things to pay attention to in this tutorial. One of them is how Arvid uses python to create a little script on the spot that will add colors and new pins to the ramp node in Maya.