Using 3D-Coat PBR Materials in a Blender PBR Shader

3D-Coat has some great PBR (Physically based rendering) features, including  PBR Materials. Smart Materials in 3DC allow you to create and paint with physical materials. The materials can consist of parameters that can achieve physically accurate results.

If you are using 3D-Coat as part of your Bender workflow, is it possible to get PBR materials from 3DC to Blender?

Smart Materials and PBR materials in 3DC encompass a few aspects. That includes viewport shading, and import and export of smart materials and texture maps.

Showing how you can go from 3D-Coat to Blender, JayAnAm Games offers a look into his techniques. The video shows how to export PBR textures like diffuse, normalmaps, roughness and metalness. It also shows how to bring those into Blender to create PBR shaders that have the same look as 3DC.