Free Spline Guide Tool Aligns Hair Along a Spline Dynamically in C4D

Spline Guide is a free plugin for C4D which can align hair objects to splines easily.

César Vonc has given us some great tools for Cinema 4D in the past. Tools like the Proc3Durale Plugin which easily carves out parts of a model, and the influence Point Plugin that can an object’s vertex velocity in C4D can be really useful.

Spline Guide align hairs along a spline dynamically

Recently César Vonc has posted a new tool which will allow you to masterfully control hair objects in C4D by aligning them to a spline. Spline Guide can make it super easy to create things such as rope, braids or any type of fiber weaving with a few clicks.


C4D Spline guide


If you can create splines in the shape and arrangement that you need, you can then have the hair object in C4D align to them, with some controls for how the hair is influenced. The cool part is that it is all dynamic, so you have instantaneous feedback from the Spline Guide controls.

Spline Guide can be downloaded for free from Code Vonc. Check out Spline Guide for aligning hair along a spline dynamically in Cinema 4D here.