Corrective Blend Shapes By Extracting Deltas in Maya

Giovanna Coutinho is a Character TD and Rigging Artist for Rooster Teeth, working on shows such as RWBY Chibi and Red vs. Blue, and here she covers her workflow for creating corrective Blend Shapes in Autodesk Maya. Giovanna uses a script to extract deltas from a sculpt that can then be used for corrective blend Shapes. The walkthrough uses Christian Breitling’s (B-Ling) BSpiritCorrectiveShape script.

A new Blend Shape and Pose Space Deformation workflow showed up in Maya 2016 Ext 2, with an updated Blend Shape UI, along with the new Shape Editor, for creating pose-space deformations. Although Giovanna only creates corrective blendshapes here, it offers a great base for corrective shapes concepts.