FurryBall Adds Advanced Toon Shader and App Exchange

AAA Studio has released a new version of its  unbiased Monte Carlo path tracing, realtime renderer, FurryBall RT. The rendering system uses the computer’s GPU to offer fast final frame rendering, offering a production quality renderer for Maya, C4D, and 3DS Max.

Advanced Toon Shader

FurryBall RT 1.4 adds a new advanced toon shader that allows for variable and customizable contours, textures and effects. The new toon shader is capable of some pretty nice results, working nicely with complex elements such as hair.

Application Exchange

You can now transfer entire scenes among FurryBall enabled applications without any compromises. Import and export routines works for moving scenes between 3DS Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D. The latest version also includes support for Cinema 4D R18.

FurryBall RT 1.4 Features:

  • Now users can really cooperate between apps – They can share scenes between Maya – 3DS Max – Cinema 4D. Easy and without any compromise. It just works!
  • Very advanced Toon shader with a variable and very customisable contour, textures, and very advanced effects.
  • There is a possible to use Arnold standard shader in FurryBall RT.
  • Cinema R18 support
  • Double side material
  • Many fixes and improvements

FurryBall is a true production renderer on the GPU, giving users final frame rendering to multiple file formats, layers and render passes. In fact, AAA studio has produced  a full-length CG feature using FurryBall.

Each license comes with ALL THREE plugins (Maya, Cinema 4D, and 3DS Max) for free. FurryBall fully supports an unlimited number of  GPU in a single computer and also can be used like standalone renderer. FirryBall RT is only for Windows systems at the moment, running a CUDA enabled GPU. Visit AAA Studio for more information on FurryBall RT.