Creating a Working Track Tread Setup in C4D

A track tread system raises some complexities in 3D. A short time ago, 3D artist Shane Benson posted a look into synchronizing a wheel system with a track system. In cinema 4D, this can be done with a bit of Xpresso.

Finally, a working tank track setup with proper wheel and tread rotation…

Taking the track tread system to the next logical stage, Shane shows how to put it all together. It’s a bit tricky, trying to get the track thread system working in all directions. Lucky, Shane cracked it, and can show us how easy it can be. Keeps this tutorial in mind the next time you need to animate construction equipment or a military tank vehicle.

PixelBump’s Stephen Sprinkles also has a tutorial that shows how to create a vehicle running over a complex terrain. A vehicle that also has tracks. Check out his tutorial for animating a treaded vehicle on a surface using xpresso & 2 keyframes.