Modo Tackles Automatic Retopology for Scans and Sculpts

The Foundry recently released Modo 10.2 adding some nice revisions to MeshFusion, improved viewport performance, and deformation caching for animation.

It also added a new Automatic Retopology system designed to make it easy to clean up scanned meshes and high-poly sculpts to something manageable. The Automatic Retopology command is designed to create a clean mesh with good topology and polygon flow.

You have some control over the density of the retopology, and how the polygons are scaled and positioned. You can draw curves as in input to guide the flow of the automatic retopology tool to better suit the model.

There is also a feature that will allow you to designate polygon size by using painted weight maps directly on the object.

The system looks to be going in an interesting direction — Although, the Auto-retopo command in Modo might be a good way to better manage scanned data, as most sculpting environments will have some sort of automatic retopology system already: 3D-Coat and ZBrush as examples.