Latest Modo Brings a Schematic-Free Workflow to MeshFusion

The Foundry have released Modo 10.2 which represents the third and final installment of the 10 series, and with it comes a better and simpler MeshFusion.

Modo 10.2 offered a new automatic retopology system, the ability to share and reuse assemblies, some rendering and animation playback and performance improvements. It also brings a new easier to use UI to MeshFusion, the advanced boolean toolset that essentially revolutionized boolean modeling back in version 701 around three years ago.

With Modo 10.2, you can work with MeshFusion without even venturing over to a thematic view. The new interface allows you to work from a new and simplified UI panel. As you work, it will create and re-orders the underlying tree structures automatically. All you really need to worry about now is if an object will contribute or trim from the surface you are working on.

There are also a few other additions that should make MeshFusion much more artist friendly to work with. New color coded wireframes, improved shading and other viewport additions make it better for work with. The results have also been improved with a more accurate fillet and cleaner output geometry right out of the box.

Visit the Foundry for More information regarding the changes in Modo 10.2, new and upgrade pricing or a 30-day trial.