New Cycles4D Release Confirmation and Pricing


Cycles is Blender’s unbiased GPU and CPU renderer, that is free and open source. Being a very capable production renderer, Cycles has been brought to other application hosts like 3DS MAX, and now Cinema 4D with Cycles4D, thanks to INSYDIUM,

Even though Cycles is free, Cycles4D is a bridge plugin allowing C4D to access the cycles rendering engine, and that is technically the part that is up for sale.

Cycles 4D will come with full support for X-Particles, giving it some really create access to X-Particles features. Particles will render in real time, and you will be able to drive and access core features with some really great integrations.

  • Cycles4D comes with full X-Particles Support. Unparalleled access to X-Particles features, particles render in real time, drive parameters and access core features, a truly superb integration.
  • Designed with users in mind, making a modern nodal system that works and feels like an extension of Cinema 4D.
  • 12 Months FREE Support and Updates
  • Use either your CPU or GPU to Render, giving you real-time interactive modifications instantly.
  • Node-based interface so that you can track your workflow easily.
  • PC and MAC compatible.
  • A whole host of FREE Cycles Blender tutorials are available and relevant to Cycles 4D users.

Cycles 4D will be priced at £185 ex VAT, which will include 3 free render nodes per license. It is important to note that INSYDIUM is a Diamond Sponsor of the Blender Foundation, with a long-term goal is to support the Blender Foundation. Extra nodes £60 ex VAT each with a volume discount which increases the more you buy.

If you own X-Particles 3.5, you will get 15% off Cycles 4D. Visit the Cycles 4D page for more information on the release and pricing.

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  1. This looks really promising!
    Especially as a render farm friendly alternative to Octane

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