Motion Graphics Style Transitions in Houdini

VFX Artist Tim van Helsdingen posts a look into creating what he calls “trendy” transitions and effects with Houdini. This is typically a technique that we would see in Cinema 4D, more than After Effects (although it is not impossible in Ae).

Tim shows a setup that will allow you to split polygons into pieces in Houdini. The setup allows for various types of transitions, not just simple squares. It can also account for triangles and voronoi patterns as well, making it a great way to create the motion graphics style transition effects we see so often.

Houdini for Motion Graphics

Rohan Dalvi has some great tutorials for creating motion graphics and fake UI elements in SideFX Houdini. His premium tutorial series offers 7hrs 56 mins of content, showing how you can use Houdini for making User interfaces and Motion Graphics, He also covered (for free) recreating all of the Cinema 4D Mograph tools in Houdini.