Open Folder for 4D, a Free Script for Easy Folder Access

If you find yourself poking around looking for various locations on your drive when working in C4D, you might take a look at a new and free script, Open Folder.

…Just open your favorite folder directly from Cinema 4D…

Open Folder alls you to install a drop-down menu which can hold access to a list of folders for easy access and reference. The pulldown menu offers quick access to a list of common folders both on MacOS and Windows systems. The list includes the active document folder, C4D preferences, the desktop folder. scripts folder, plugins folder, and also allows you to add your own folder to that list.

Its a really simple script, but you can see how useful it can be having all your commonly used folders at your fingertips. Open Folder comes to us by Mike Odin, whose other tools include the Fast Spline Connector, Flash Buffer Pro, and zDepthCamera, for Cinema 4D.

Open Folder supports C4D R11.5 to R18 and can be found for free on CGTools.