FXHome Releases HitFilm Pro 2017 and Ignite Pro 2017

FXHome has released HitFilm Pro 2017, offering some long awaited features, and expansion of memory and color-space.

HitFilm Pro 2017’s new features adds a little something for everyone. HitFilm caters to editors to visual effects artists, motion graphics artists to colorists. HitFilm has upgraded 3D rendering, added more visual effects tools and presets. You now have complete control over color grading with Scopes and HitFilm’s new export queue for a faster workflow. New editing and audio tools including keyboard shortcuts and auto sync offer simple solutions, while an upgraded interface with 8K support and 32?bit floating color gives HitFilm’s users a wider range quality settings.

Built by creators, for creators: HitFilm Pro 2017 has features for beginners and experts alike. Everything is here, from editing and 3D composting to particle effects, professional keying and 3D object rendering.

New To HitFilm Pro 2017


Color Grading Scopes have been long asked for, and are now in HitFilm 2017. You can now have Viewer scopes, individual layer scopes, and you can even render your scopes into your footage.


Export Queue

New Export Queue lets you add your composition and editor timelines for output and easily change their codecs. If you are coming from After Effects user, you might have really missed this feature in earlier versions of HitFilm.

32 bit color support, RAM and 8K

HitFilm has always had 8 and 16 bit colorspace, but now adds 32 bit. In addition, RAM preview has been expanded so it can take advantage of machines that are loaded with memory. HitFilm also added the ability to go beyond 4k comp sizes with new 8k support.

Ignite Pro Plugins

The release also sees the Ignite pro 2017 effect plugins. Ignite supports for other all other applications, now including Avid with 150 effects. The plugins can go beyond the earlier version’s 4K limit, and now work in 32bit color.

Ignite Pro 2017, a collection of over 150 plugins for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Mo on, Sony Catalyst, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, The Foundry NUKE, Avid Media Composer and Grass Valley EDIUS. HitFilm Pro 2017 also includes project interchange compatibility with Vegas Pro 14.

New full Audio Mixing tools

The latest release includes auto sync, and an advanced audio mixer that lets you take control over every aspect of your sound.


New 360 Video tools

HitFilm Pro 2017 contains unique support for Ac on cam & 360° video. Use lens distort for the perfect look and add tles and effects with ease.

3D and Rendering

You can load 3D objects much faster in the 2017 version, with greatly improved load times. You are also able to import and use the FBX file format, which has support for animation and rigging to be brought in intact.

Mocha and Tracking

A new version of Mocha makes its way into the new release. HitFilm’s internal tracking tools have been updated with a new UI and makes it easier to track features that go off screen


Dynamic search makes it way to the properties and timeline panels. This makes it easy to show only the properties you need, or easily find the layers you want to work with in the timeline.


Pricing and Availability

HitFilm Pro 2017 is affordable at just $349 for a single user, 3 concurrent activations ons on Mac and PC

HitFilm Pro 2017 also includes in its license: Ignite Pro 2017: Mocha HitFilm plugin: BorisFX 3D Objects: BorisFX Title Studio. Visit HitFilm for more information.