Check Out This Blender to Hitfilm Masterclass

Tom Cowles covers compositing CG assets from Blender to Hitfilm.

The FXHome team posts a multipart look at working with both Blender and Hitfilm for creating CG assets and compositing them into your film. The series starts with an introductory overview of Blender then quickly moves on to designing and texturing models.

Create Set Extensions With Blender.

The masterclass shows how you can create a set extension using Blender assets to modify your shots in HitFilm. “Compositing CG assets into your movie scenes can often increase the production value of your shots.” HitFilm has a unified and actual 3D environment, so adding and working with models in a shot is a vastly different experience than it is in Adobe After Effects. The tutorial covers some of the best ways to bring models over to HitFilm from Blender. “Whether you’re hoping to embellish your scene with additional models or extend your whole set, these simple steps for importing and compositing your model will help.”

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