Growing and Popping Bubbles With Maya’s nCloth

Ever had an urge to create a boiling water effect in Maya? What would even be involved there? You might lean towards looking at using some of the Paint FX tools, those have animated bubbles right? What if you wanted popping bubbles?

That involves a little bit more of a setup. There is a script that can help you, though. It’s a Python script called, created by Bryan Woodward.

Bryan is a CG generalist that got his start working with Particle Systems, Dynamics and R&D. Bryan walks through using his script to create popping bubbles using Maya’s nCloth. Also covered are a little about the nCloth properties and possible future directions for the script. It’s best to have an understanding of nCloth, dynamics and python in order to follow along.

The script is freely available, so you if you want to give it a whirl, you can get it here.