Working With Wrap3 to Retopologize 3D Scans

Working With Wrap3 to Retopologize 3D Scans

Ten 24 3D Scan Store’s James Busby posts some insights into the process of retopologizng 3D scans using Wrap3. R3DS’s Wrap3 is touted as the future of 3D scan processing. That sounds boastful, but Wrap3 can seem like it is complete magic at times.

James mentions that it’s “a must-have tool when working with scan data, quick and easy retopology using a good base mesh makes cleanup and editing so much easier compared to working with Zremeshed or dynameshed objects.”

If you are not familiar with Wrap 3, it lets you form a generic mesh that has proper topology on to 3D scanned data. You basically wrap good geometry on the high resolution scan with some easy to use tools. There is a 15 day trial for Wrap3 if you want to give it a whirl.

Both the RAW and the retopologized scans used in the tutorial are also available to download completely free. Check out James Busby’s post for Retopologizing 3D Scans with Wrap 3.