QuatTwist Updates for More Animation Stability

Brave Rabbit’s free Maya plugin, QuatTwist updates with some stability improvements for animation. The plugin features true quaternion based twisting that avoids the common flipping issues found in other methods. It wasn’t that long ago when version 1.0 was released. Version 2.0 sees some improvements for animation and better stability.

Version 2 holds a setting for active/inactive and manual manipulations. It will also feature the ability to scrub the timeline, and jump to any point in the timeline and work as expected. All small but really important features.

QuatTwist makes creating quaternion rotations in Maya a breeze by offering one simple node for creation and calculations.

You can download QuatTwist for free at Brave Rabbit’s site. The plugin works with Maya 2012 and up, on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.