After Effects Tool Launcher is a Great Way to Manage Scripts

Do you have lots of scripts that you only use once in a while cluttering up your menus or workspace?

Let’s face it. After Effects is like an addict. It takes a lot of junk every day just to get to a “normal” level. Scripts, Pseudo effects, and plugins. Plenty of those can fall under the column of being 3rd party extensions that bring something truly novel to Ae.

It can also be argued that the vast majority of them are keeping After Effects propped up like the drunk uncle that you are trying to keep from hitting the floor at a party… Weekend at Bernie-style.

Need proof? Designer and Animator Kyle Martinez has provided plenty with his carefully  curated Ae Workspaces. Here is just a random example just for kicks. It’s from 2D Animator Steve Kirby, an amazing talent in the field.


What exactly is the focus of this workspace? The final work? Or is it the 17 panels and tabs needed to do some work?

Tool Launcher

Now you can launch and use scripts as you need them, without having to deal with all the panels, floating or docked. It’s a nice compromise between cleaning up your workspace AND having everything still on hand.

Have Everything At Hand

The new Tool Launcher can run scripts, menu commands and even apply expressions. All from a searchable list or custom toolbars. You can open script interfaces from anywhere in pre-docked panels.

I know the irony is palpable here, needing a script to manage all of your After Effects scripts — but this is where that bus has left us. It’s up to us now.

Tool Launcher is from the mind of Rune Gangsø and can be found on aescripts + aeplugins