Working With the Push Apart Effector in C4D

Sam Winter often known online as Digital Meat, walks through a new feature in Cinema 4D R18, the Push Apart Effector. It has been a while since the Maxon team have advanced the Mograph Module with new Effectors. The Push Apart Effector is one that was highly sought after and will be ultimately useful in a lot of situations.

Push Apart lets you manage intersections when working with Clones in C4D. With it you can move, scale or hide clones to ensure that there is no interesting geometry or overlaps. This used to be a tricky thing to accomplish in c4D Mograph.

You often had to use a bespoke solution using expressions or other hacked together solutions. The Push Apart Effector in C4D can also work as a deformer using a falloff, like so many other effectors in Cinema 4D.