Latest HDR Light Studio Lets You Position Lights By Edges

LightMap’s HDR Light Studio is a handy real time lighting design tool. The app lets you create custom HDR images for lighting scenes by positioning lights and seeing results instantly.

HDR Light Studio New Light Handles

A new release of HDR Light studio adds the ability to place lights by their edges. Light Studio lets you add lights to a scene by clicking on the part of the model where you want to see that light’s effect. It’s a great way to art direct scene lighting. Now with Light Handles, you can place lights by their edges. The handle is easily moved using the sliders or by dragging directly in the Light preview image.

Simply click the place where you want the light’s edge to fall and HDR Light Studio will place a light there. Really handy!

Advanced Rotations

3D Mapped lights are no longer confined to orientations relative to the lighting sphere. Now lights can be oriented in any direction. The light orientation is controlled with X,Y,Z rotations click and drag controls. Lights can be positioned relative to the light’s current orientation, making it really easy to use.

New Light Sources

LightMap has added an 32 additional Studio Light Sources have been added to the Preset library. (Customers should download Studio Lights 2 to get these new lights, for trial users they are included in the trial lights at lo-resolution)

Visit LightMap for more information on the new HDR Light Studio 5.4. If you are on subscription, you can login and download the latest. You can also download a fully functioning 15 day trail.