Latest Drop of HDR Light Studio Adds Diffusion Effect

LightMap releases Xenon Drop 2 for HDR Light Studio, adding Diffusion Blur and a lot more.

HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 2 adds a new Diffusion effect. The filter is a blur effect that mimics the diffusion of light through a material like tracing paper or cloth, spreading and softening the light.

Diffusion key features:

  • Real-time – change settings with instant feedback
  • Energy Conserving – preserving the amount of light in your HDRI map.
  • Spherical option for HDRI Maps
  • Planar option for Area Lights
  • Use Masking to apply diffusion to specific regions
  • Available only on Composite Light content

Light Looks.

Xenon Drop 2 also offers a new light looks feature that allows you to quickly look at different lighting styles and moods for the same shot.

Lighting for Different Cameras.

In a single HDR Light Studio project, you can now set up a lighting design for each camera view. So you no longer need to save multiple scene files in your host 3D software for each lighting design.


Customers with active Subscriptions or Maintenance for HDR Light Studio can download and install the new HDR Light Studio – Xenon Drop 2 release today.

HDR Light Studio – Xenon Drop 2 is available to try and buy today.