Outliner Color Marker Script for Maya Adds New Features

Recent versions of Maya have changed the way the icons appear in the outliner. For some old folks, this made it more difficult to find things. Especially if you have an Outliner-concentric workflow in Maya. If you are doing rigging and animation work, there is a script that can help to make things easier. Klaudio Ladavac’s Outliner Color Marker script for Maya recently has undergone some new additions for version 2.

Outliner Color Marker is an Outliner management tool for Maya. It lets you add colors in the Outliner, making it easier to label items in heavy scenes so they are easily recognizable. The script makes it simple to add colors to any objects or elements in the outliner through a small UI panel.

The latest  version adds the ability to set Viewport” color – color for object(mesh) wireframes, locators, curves, deformers, joints, emitters, etc. You can have the option to set the same color for the outliner and viewport at the same time. Version 2 also has a new color correction scheme for the outliner.

Visit Outliner Color Marker for more information and download.