Download a Free Deadpool Rig from Animator Kiel Figgins

Kiel Figgins is a senior animator based out of London who is currently with Industrial Light and Magic. His credits are a long list of VFX and animation heavy blockbuster films — Avengers: Age of Ultron, Oblivion, Maleficent, Into the Storm, Wrath of the Titans, Ender’s Game, XMen First Class, Rum Diaries and others.

Recently Kiel has posted a ton of character rigs that can be purchased through TurboSquid, and can be found on his store. As a promotion, he is offering a cool little, free to download Deadpool rig. The character was rigged up in Maya 2014, but should work in any version of Maya after that.

The rig is derived from a freely available Deadpool 3D model that has been available on TF3DM for a while. The download includes the rig, a proxy rig for faster animating on slower systems, and an IK/FK script that can be used in conjunction with the rig.

Visit for a complete list of all the cool rigs that are available for sale. Be sure to scroll down for the free Deadpool rig.