A Fast, Clean, and Free Rivet Tool for Maya

Brent Forrest’s Maya Rivet Tool is a Simple Way to Attach an Object to a Deforming Mesh.

Animator Brent Forrest posts another free tool, this one offering a simple and fast way to create a rivet relationship between objects. TFK Rivet lets you create multiple rivets at once time and lets you reposition them after they have been made. Forrest touts the Maya tools as “The fastest, cleanest and best Rivet tool for Maya.”

A rivet tool is an important part of many workflows in Maya. Of course, you can create your own, too. If you are interested in what those techniques are, check out Vasil Shotarov who shows how to create a rivet node using Maya Matrix Nodes.

TFK Rivet is simple to use, all you need to do is select a pair of edge or any number of edges, run the script and the tool will provide you with all the rivets you need. Each rivet will have it’s own space controls built into it,
letting you change the edge index or UV coordinates on the fly.

Check out TFK Rivet for Maya here.