How to Create a Dynamic Chain With nCloth

Ever use nCloth to simulate rigid objects like a dynamic chain? Dynamic systems can be interchangeable. You don’t necessarily need to use a rigid system for something that appears rigid. An example of a dynamics system that is more flexible than the name suggests, is Maya’s nCloth.

A Cloth system has the capability to simulate both rigid and softer cloth-like elements. Using nCloth for rigid simulations has its benefits over a bullet or rigid system. That is the ability to use a more robust constraint system, including rivets. This can be helpful when creating a dynamic chain system.

Watch as Alex Cheparev shows us how to create a dynamic chain system using Maya’s nCloth for setup and simulation. Alex walks through the nCloth settings and tips, working on low-res geo to keep the simulation light. Also in use, is a Rivet system placing a rivet for each low-res chain link, that will nail the high res to the simulated geometry.