Make Better Shape-Based Blobs in After Effects

Blobs have a couple of techniques in After Effects. Creating the Blobs using effects that are intended for mattes, makes for an easy way to create the effect. What if you wanted the same blobby effect with vector shapes?

That seems possible, as broken down by WorkBench’s Joe Clay. Based off a Motion Café tutorial, Joe sets out to show a mo’ better blob technique in After Effects. How had a look at creating the blobby effect once before. This one is new and improved.

The technique makes for an easy effect, but pushed too far, does alter the shape of the layers that you are using. Although it can work for logos, as seen in Joe’s tutorial, using it too far will make the original shape puff up a bit.

Still, knowing of an alternate method that can scale and remain sharp, will only help you out with more options the next time you need to make the effect.

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  1. Thank you for quoting us! Congratulations for your version with the outline it is very cool

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