How To Rebuild Lighting From V-Ray Render Passes

New  to rendering and compositing? Trouble with render passes? This might be right up your alley. Breaking apart 3D renders, and recombining them is a subject that can be difficult for new users to understand. The process is slightly different depending on your DCC and plugin renderer, but for the most part the concepts are the same.

A very simple run through of how to recombine vray passes in comp

Here, John O’Connell, who is a VFX Artist in Dublin, walks us through the process using 3ds Max and V-ray. Ideally, V-Ray is very similar on any host. You can follow along if you are using V-Ray in Maya, C4D, or SketchUp. The tutorial covers recombining the render passes using The Foundry’s Nuke.

It wasn’t too long ago when I posted something similar from VFX Creative Director at “Fire Without Smoke” Hugo Guerra, who walked through using Nuke’s ReLight Node to alter some basic lighting in Nuke. You can see that post here.

John glosses over a few things, so this is not a complete guide — but it is a great starter guide for some. Thanks to John O’Connell for sharing.