How to ReLight Scenes In Nuke Using a Normal Pass

VFX Artist Chetal Gazdar Shows How You Can Relight Scenes in Nuke Using a Normals Pass

If you are learning Nuke, you should check out Chetal Gazdar’s latest tutorial that shows how to re-light scenes. Relighting is typically done using a Normal pass from a 3D application. Chetal covers everything you need to know about a normal pass, including what it is and why it needed. “I also show you the concept of Normal vector as well as show some maths behind Normal vector pass,” Chetal says.

Generating the normal pass could be specific to particular render engines. Nuke’s ReLight node lets you take a 2D image and change the lighting using lights in Nuke’s 3D space. “There are so many ways to do relighting in Nuke, but this is the easiest and compact way to relighting,” Chetal says.