HardMesh Updates With New Nodes Workflow and Simplified UI

HardMesh is the Hard Surface Modeling plugin for Autodesk Maya that focuses on flexibility. The plugin lets you create complex models using simple shapes by letting the user work with and edit combined objects. The plugin also make it easy to work with boolean operations to carve and add more details into hard surface models.

HardMesh on Nodes

Version 2 of Hard Mesh sees the plugin become node based rather than the old workflow of issuing commands. This means more flexibility for modelers. You can always edit your meshes and the HardMesh surface will continually update.

Simplified User Interface

The latest version of the hard surface modeling plugin brings a new, simplified and more intuitive UI. Common hard mesh operations can be found at the top of the panel. Double clicking on an icon will open setting and options for the button.

Turn Off Calculations

Now when you are working with heavy scenes, you can “pause” the calculations with a new global compute switch. This can speed up some slow tweaking of elements, while the mesh is trying to continually update.

Faster More Efficient Algorithms

HardMesh gets an update to its splitting algorithm. It is now faster and much more efficient. The system now offers less unsolvable solutions when editing.

HardMesh 2 adds Maya 2017 to the compatibility list, but still, only runs under Windows. MacOS and Linux versions are meant to follow the commercial release. You can download a trial version for the plugin that will let you use it for 30 days. Visit HardMesh for more information.