Setting Up 3D Puzzle Games Using Pure Xpresso

Ilir Beqiri is fascinated by Xpresso in Cinema 4D. It is where he likes to spend most of his time. If Ilir were to impart some advice to motion designers, it’s that Mograph in C4D is rock solid, and great… but don’t underestimate Xpresso.

C4D’s Xpresso lets you create expressions visually, but it also lets you create tools so that you can customize your workflows and get things done, faster.

Speaking to the power of Xpresso, Ilir Beqiri shows how you can set up and rig two different 3D Puzzle games using pure Xpresso in C4D. One is a standard 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube, the other is a pyramid game. Both pose some rigging and animation challenges. The Rubik’s Cube in particular can rotate in all directions, making rigging it any other way other than Xpresso, a real challenge.

Following along, you will learn some the basic and more advanced concepts behind using Xpresso. You will also learn how to compose and decompose Matrices, create different kind of constraints, build a custom timer for the games. Xpresso is also used to help UV objects with some expressions and lot more. There’s something for every level of Cinema 4D user here.