Have a Look at What Rigging in Harmony Looks Like

2D rigging can be done a variety of ways, with a variety tools. Moho, After Effects, Animator (Flash), are just scraping the surface. Each have their befits and flaws when it comes to character work. Some more-so than others. One application that doesn’t seem to get mentioned often is ToomBoom Harmony.

ToonBoom represents professional-grade animation software, that is pretty much the industry standard for drawing, painting and animating.

Tracy Strong is an Effects Animator and Animation Generalist who specializes in ToonBoom Harmony. She knows Harmony inside and out, and has worked with it for many years within a production pipeline. A recent tutorial series shows off what rigging in Harmony looks like, and how it all comes together. It is an interesting watch, and Tracy makes it entertaining. The series covers ordering, drawings, pegs and picots, and everything else needed to rig for animation in ToonBoom.

ToonBoom Harmony comes is offered in three different varieties, depending on your needs — Essentials, Advanced and Premium versions are available as a subscription, or perpetual licenses with varying features the higher up in pricing you go.

It’s interesting to see workflow, tools and how things are done in other applications, and Tracy gives a great foundation for how rigging and animation happens in ToonBoom.