Animate Motion Graphics Like Type In ToonBoom

Stylus Rumble shows how to create type animation with ToonBoom Harmony With some animation tricks.

Tracey Strong celebrates reaching the 5k subscriber milestone on Youtube with a new tutorial that walks through how to create a motion graphics like animation with type using ToonBoom harmony. Strong shows how to get some nice animation happening by using some “cheap animation hacks”: “I utilize the apply-peg transformation for some pro shadows, and take advantage of some cheap animation hacks that can make something look like it took a lot more time and thought than it does,” Strong says.

Stylus Rumble often creates amazing tutorials entered around animation with ToonBoom. There are lots of foundational things that you can learn from Tracey’s animation tutorials too. Check out how to animate slime and goop effects, fire effects, and the foundations of weight, arcs, and timing.