DGDM’s VPR for Redshift Updates With New UI and Features

DGDM’s VPR for Redshift has updated to version 2.10, which adds a new UI overhaul, and the ability to control camera and lens shader attributes from within the viewport rendering window.

The look-dev tool can extend Maya’s native render view, improving interactivity for shading and the look dev process. The Maya plugin allows you to navigate and select objects from the scene right from the render view window, as if it was any other viewport in Maya.

New in VPR for Redshift 2.10:

  • complete GUI overhaul
  • control camera attributes and lens shaders (bokeh, photographic exposure) from within the window
  • LightLinking added
  • image compare function added

SLiB VPR for Redshift works on Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems, with Maya versions 2015 to 2016.5, compatible with Redshift 2.0.56