Find Accurate Material Values on iOS With a Free Surface Database

Lighting TD Arvid Schneider has been helping to educate people who are interested in the jump over to Solid Angle’s Arnold Renderer. His latest series looks at recreating real-life materials from scratch, and typically procedurally. Realistic materials are at the heart of any look dev pipeline or final render. You can keep around a library of PBR materials that you can draw from, but what if you don’t have a material that you need? This is where Arvid’s Material Database can help.

[pullqoute]To create the best looking shaders you need the most accurate values available[/pullquote]

The Material Database is an iOS App for people who want to create realistic materials and shaders. It offers the most accurate values for materials available. The app can hep you create convincing materials and shaders for you renders by offering an easy reference for material values. The numbers are not Arnold specific, but can be used with any renderer.

The Surface Database Lets You:

  • Create convincing and physical accurate 3D shaders for your renders
  • Easily transfer the surface values into your application
  • See real world reference images
  • Look up artistic and scientific display of attributes

The Surface Database is intended for beginners and up to professionals who want to create realistic looking shaders and materials for private or commercial use. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for free, so why not check out the Surface Database… Seems like a handy reference to have around.