Loop Shape Layer Animation in After Effects With An Expression

Trying to set up a way to loop shape layer animation? Setting up a loop for an animation requires some planning. Some instances, animation will allow for some clever shortcuts.

check out a quick technique to set up seamless patterns

Let’s say you wanted to animate things that appeared to be in a seamless loop, such as a logo flying across the screen at regular intervals. If you are using shape layers, Joe Clay has an interesting setup that can help you out. You can loop shape layer animation pretty easily.

Joe walks through a clever technique where you can use a shape layer repeater along with a small expression to loop shape layer animation. This is great for setting up seamless patterns for ribbon boards, or simply for anything else that you need tiled and animated.

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  1. arvic nunag

    Can / This be applied to a Precomp footage then put a timewarp (key frame) then loop?


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