See What’s New in Maya 2017 Update 3’s UV Editor

Maya Update 3 is out, and there are a ton of new things in it, something for all users. The in addition to the new motion graphics stuff, The UV Editor in Maya has been completely redesigned. If you are familiar with the NightShade UV Editor, you will be happy to find that it has been integrated in Maya, with the addition of other now UV tools and features.

The NightShade UV Editor has been moved into Maya and improved as the new UV toolkit. There are literally dozens of new features in the UV sector in Maya.

Helping us get acquainted with the new UV environment and toolkit in Maya, is Autodesk’s Steven Roselle. Steven covers everything that you need to know about the new UV editor in Maya Update 3, and walks through UVing a tree model as an example.

The New editor in Maya looks great, and with the new Viewport additions that let you see colored UV shells in the 3D view, UV workflows will be come much simpler.