Super Bricks Tool Lets You Create Brick Walls With a Click

This is kind of cool. Abhishek Karmakar has developed  a new tool for Maya users, that lets you instantly create bricks on any object with a single click. The tool procedurally create complex or organic looking brick walls. Just define your bad model, choose the parameters that you want, and then click.

procedurally create Complex & Organic looking Brick-walls within a matter Seconds

Super Bricks looks for NURBS objects as the base for the effect. It then creates a polygon mesh, with the brick pattern from that. What’s interesting is that you can change some of the parameters and have the brick patterns update without starting over completely. There are lots of parameters that you can use to customize the shapes and patterns of the bricks. You can get something that looks rigid and uniform, or build out something that is much more organic and non-repeating. Pretty cool.

You might remember Abhishek Karmakar as the person behind the Voronoi Mesh Generator released, and subsequently updated a little while ago. He also is the mind behind the Slice Model Tool. Check out all of Abhishek Karmakar’s tools for Maya here.