Eddy Adams Shares Cinema 4D Bad-Assery and Workflows

Cinema 4D Artist Eddy Adams is an Associate Creative Director at Lustre Studios in Seattle who recently presented a grab-bag of tips for better workflows at a Cinema 4D Seattle Meetup at the Seattle Film Institute.

Eddy is an obsessively compulsive minimalist 3D designer animator. By day, Eddy works on commercials for companies like Amazon and Microsoft; By night, he crafts 3D scenes inspired by the residue of the Surrealist and Dadaist movements. “In the talk, I covered a dozen advanced workflow techniques that users of any level can immediately start using” says Adams on his presentation.

Eddy covers tips that cover a huge range of topics in an hour, from folder structures to handling bevels, right down to saving for after effects. Some great tips for workflows here —Not to be missed!

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