Free BWeld Script Creates Geometry Fillet Welds in Maya

Creating details to models and renders adds more realism to the final result. Some details are difficult to make quickly, such as the look of fillet welds that bring two pieces of metal together. It’s a great detail to add to models that are meant to be metal. A new free too, BWeld can do this easily.

The problem becomes making each weld for a complex model can take up a lot of time. There are shader based solutions as seen with Grant Warwick’s welded metal shader, or the recreation for welded seams with Maya and Arnold by Ertan San. There are also geometry based solutions too. BWeld from Baidhir Hidair is a free script that creates welds where the geometry of two objects intersect. It works similar to Joker Martini’s Welder for 3ds Max.

The script is really easy to use, and leaves the original selections intact. The script can handle both curved and flat filleted welds that look pretty realistic. Flat fillets allow you to create low-polygon welds, leaving you to use a detailed texture instead of using high resolution geometry.


Get BWeld for Maya here.