Script Easily Creates a Reverse Foot Rig With a Mirrored Setup

Technical Animator and Character Technical Artist Riham Toulan has worked on a few AAA Games and has released one of her tools for creating a reverse foot rig in Maya. A script called the Reverse Foot Rig Tool, operates on a simple concept, yet is a friendly rig setup for games development.

Reverse Foot Rig doesn’t alter your character skeleton. All of its connections use Maya native nodes. This means that there is no inherent expressions, driven keys, or key animations that can affect performance. The tool also has the ability to create a mirrored setup really quickly, which can be useful for mirroring animations.

The script only requires a character that is stating up on the Y axis and facing forward on the Z. Foot Rig Tool offers:

  • Adjustable Foot Tool
  • Mirrored Foot Bank
  • Independent Ball Pivot Control
  • Mirrored Foot Swing
  • Mirrored Foot Roll

The tool works with Maya 2014 to 2017, and can be purchased through CubeBrush. Check out Reverse Foot setup Tool 1.0 For Maya here.